Decisions Decisions

A lot of people think accounting is accounting is accounting, but actually there are a many different directions you can go with a degree in accounting. Not only do you have a lot of choices from a Bachelor’s degree, but if you choose to continue your education and sit for the CPA exam, many accountants would say you have your choice of careers. lists six different career paths you can take with accounting. The two career options that I find most interesting are the forensic accountant and the government accountant. Basically forensic professionals would work making sure that all accounting is done legally, to the point of analyzing the work that is done. They look out for possible fraud situations and oversee insurance and personal injury claims. They also take part in legal investigations.

Government accounting is more focused on controlling resources. These accountants would have a lot of responsibility in making decisions on how to use resources effectively. They all take on legal tasks by making sure that the organization is following the rules.

These are just two examples in a very wide career field, I’m sure anyone could find an area of interest to them. This article includes an interesting quote from Scott Moore, a senior manager at the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). He states that even “if there is an economic downturn you really can’t get rid of [accountants] because accounting still has to get done.” So no matter which career path you choose to take, if you get your education in accounting now, you will have better chances of maintaining a job should our economy continue to decline.


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