Dream Big

Through my entire life, no matter what my passion at the time, the one consistency in all of my dreams has been business. I went from wanting to be a cosmetologist with my own shop, to having my own fashion line, to owning my own record store and any combination of the three! So once I entered high school I decided I wanted to take some classes that would help prepare me for the business world. This is when I was introduced to accounting. I truthfully love the idea of managerial accounting. To me it means combining my need to make decisions with my love for organization and accuracy.

However, as we grow older we learn more and take in new sights and visit places we never knew about when we were younger. But also our views of the world change. We understand that not everyone lives the way we do. Whether it is their family life, their freedoms, or their opportunities, peoples’ lives are different. As I have grown up my dreams have somewhat changed. I am still captivated by the business world, but I also see an intense need for hope. Another consistency in my life has always been my faith. I take it very seriously and it has driven me to work hard in anything that I do. It motivates me to be my best. My biggest dream would be to incorporate my faith in my career and to genuinely help others.

I want to do this by opening up a home (like a real home, not a dorm or a cold place to stay) for women who need to get back on their feet. These women could have come from jail or a broken family, from abuse or simply rough times. The home would give them a place to stay that teaches them how to get back on their feet and be business savvy (let’s face it this is a business world). All the while, giving them hope. I don’t see this happening anytime soon, because there is a lot of preparation that goes into a ministry. And I would like to grow up a little more and learn what I need to, to make this happen.

In this crazy world something people really need is hope. A way to give this hope is to give people something to believe in and to help them believe in themselves. This is what I hope to be a part of some day.


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