Take Your Pick

On October 19th, I wrote the blog Decisions, Decisions. Towards the end of the blog I talked a tiny bit about how stable the job market seems to be for accountants.This seems to be (in part) because there are so many different aspects of accounting. A small business may not require as many accounting statements and activities as a large corporation, and so they most likely won’t require someone to have a CPA, or even a bachelors degree in accounting.

I have stated before that having a CPA certificate increases the chance of getting a job in accounting but an article on Accountingcrossing.com says that the certificate can also increase your starting pay by 10%!!! The same article lists many other certificates that can help accountants get the ball rolling on their career. One of the certificates is the CMA, that was also discussed in an earlier blog post.

These certificates allow the accountant to specialize in a particular aspect of accounting and make it easier for employers to spot the people they need for their business. These certificates fit into the categories of auditing, taxes, management, business, elder care, technology, and forensics. From these are 13 different specialist certificates, that can help you further your career in the aspect of accounting that you excel in!


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