But Where Do I Start?

I have discussed a lot of different aspects of accounting: the different types, salaries, certificates, and directions you can go with a degree in accounting. Something I have not really mentioned is how to get started with your career. Let’s take it back to the beginning.

Different colleges offer different degrees. I have gone to a college that did not offer any degree in accounting, one that offered it as a business emphasis, and one that offered a complete accounting degree. The question you need to ask yourself is, “How far do I want to take accounting?” Do you want to go for the CPA or another certificate? Do you want to be a tax accountant? Or would you rather simply keep books for a business? Another good question is, where do you want accounting to take you? For example, do you one day want to start your own firm, or other type of business (accounting is very good for learning the ins-and-outs of business)? Would you like to someday be a CFO?

These questions will help you decide what kind of degree you should get. That degree will help to determine which school you should go to. It is important to note that many bachelor degree programs do not give you all of the credits and classes you need to sit for the CPA exam. This will be the case almost anywhere you go to school (some requirements vary by state). The CPA simply requires more work, but the amount of extra work also depends on the type of degree you get. If you get a business degree with an emphasis in accounting, you could have up to 30 additional hours of credits to complete after you graduate. However, this type of degree would be great if you wanted to keep books for a business or work in tax prep.

I have studied over this and it can be quite confusing. If you want more information about the CPA exam and the accounting profession in general the following site is a great resource: https://www.thiswaytocpa.com/.


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