The Next Step: Internships

If the word internship scares you, you are not alone. Every time I hear it my heart races a little bit, and I am pretty sure my blood pressure rises. Internships probably are not supposed to be this scary. In fact, they are here to help.

I have mentioned my accounting teacher before, and that is because he just seems to be full of stories this semester. One story he told my class about directly related to each and every accounting student. And no, it did not bring any relief to my fear of this word. He told us about one of his students that recently graduated. She was and A-B student, with a 3.8 GPA. He said she was a great student and really understood accounting. One day she called him up (in tears) and told him she had a horrible job that she hated…because she could not get hired at any of the accounting firms. My teacher attributed this to the fact that she had no real-world experience. She had not had an internship, and she did not do any networking while in school.

Not to completely terrify every introverted accounting student out there, but an internship and networking seem necessary. From my experience getting an internship can be a crazy process unless your school has a program that can help you out. One college I went to had this program that would send your resume to every business in the area that was looking for help from your field of study. A friend of mine got all kinds of experience from participating in this.

However, if your school does not offer that resource there are a couple things you can do. First, every school has a career services department. Get with them to make sure your resume is flawless. Then see what businesses in the area are looking for interns. The career services department should be able to help with that too. Also, remember to ask about dates and times when firms will be scouting on campus. If there is a college in a metropolitan area there are usually scouts there looking for interns.

Fun fact: according to this source up to 90% of interns get offered a full time job at their place of internship.


One thought on “The Next Step: Internships

  1. I just wanted to say I’ve enjoyed reading your blog! Your posts are interesting, fun to read, and well-written. Well done and good luck for the future!

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