I don’t know about you guys, but I kind of have this thing where my life doesn’t turn out anything like I planned. Let’s face it, I’m into accounting and finance, I’m a planner. I remember sitting down as a kid and writing down my goals, and everything that I could do to achieve those goals. I ended up achieving the ones I didn’t really dream about, and regretting the ones I did. I mean, regretting the fact that I never met them. They weren’t just goals, but they were…expectations. Things that at the time I guess I didn’t realize weren’t a given in everyone’s life.

I have faith that makes me who I am and I would hope affects every part of my life. Including my planning, and goal making. My dreaming. I know, as a woman of faith I should be surrendering to God and giving up my worries that the things I wanted long ago may not come around. The truth is, none of us know if those things will come around, or they could just be on a different schedule.

Also, who wouldn’t want that? To just completely trust all of your desires in the hands of an all-knowing God. I mean, we wouldn’t have to think or worry about anything, we would just live freely. The thing is this is God’s intention for us-to live without worry, in complete freedom. So how do we let go of what might be, or could maybe be, or possibly there’s a teeny chance that this could happen? How do we do that…and maintain our hope?

I think the obvious answer is that we put our hope in what is sure: the eternal. However I have to wonder, where is the fun in that? I guess the fun is that we get to live freely in this moment, without the worry of the what if’s. Is this moment enough for you? Any tips on making it enough?

I would like to add that I completely believe there are things that you can control and work hard for that can be all yours. My point of this blog is not to take away from that power that God as given us, but actually to ask, how do you keep hope for the things that you can’t control?

Peace and blessings to you as you reconcile your hopes and dreams with the reality life. I just realized this post seems really negative (also, it seems a little too honest for a blog post), but it is just a part of the journey to discovering the light-hearted life. 🙂

~Anna M


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