when you can’t see it for yourself

For the girl who can’t bring herself to say it You’re missing out dude. Like, you messed up huge. And you’ll probably never know it. What happened between the two of you will probably have no bearing on your future, except that you somehow came away better than when she found you. You’re welcome for … Continue reading when you can’t see it for yourself


Passers By

As much as I enjoy getting out all of my emotions through the activity of writing, I have to admit it’s terribly difficult sometimes to put feelings into words. Oftentimes I find I need someone else to do it for me. Rarely, through a very drawn out, tear-wrought process I can find the words on … Continue reading Passers By


He stands at the door, it’s partially opened. His fist is poised to knock, but He is uncertain whether the noise or movement of the door would capture the attention of the entranced girl on the bed. So, He pauses. He stares. Taking in all that she is. She has no idea Who He is. … Continue reading Living